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Peonies are a very popular flower, especially in the springtime. Because of their bowl-like shape peonies are a great option for wedding bouquets, centerpieces and home decor accents because they give off a full lush look.

They are so lovely and can make any setting look elegant because of their soft feminine appearance. This beautiful, ruffled flower symbolizes love, elegance and radiates a look of wealth. Because of that they are very trendy and used in many different ways.

If you are looking to add style to your home, especially in the spring and summer months, peonies may be the perfect choice for you!

I understand that keeping fresh flowers in your home can get a little pricy and involves some maintenance. Peonies in particular usually only flower for a short period of time, about a week to ten days. With that, faux florals can do the trick because they last forever! They stay beautiful and are maintenance free! It is the best of both worlds!

I am a huge fan of decorating with fresh flowers, so I am little particular when it comes to fake versions. I always strive to find ones that look like the real deal. I recently found beautiful faux peonies on Amazon and when they arrived, I thought they were over the top gorgeous! The pink, cream, blush and peach tones were so stunning together! The box even included greenery!

I styled these beauties in my home to elevate my spring decor and was quite impressed with their appearance and ease of use. They looked uber chic!

For your inspiration, I included some photos below to show how these charmers enhanced my home:

They were super easy to work with because they have bendable stems. I used floral foam so I could style the blooms how I wanted, and they would stay put once in place. I cut the foam with a floral knife to achieve the sizes I needed for each vessel. I included a behind the scenes photo below to give you a visual:

I used these gorgeous peonies to embellish my home decor and they looked so sophisticated! They added a lot of style! They looked especially stunning with my chinoiserie ginger jars. Check out my post, Cherry Blossoms and Chinoiserie – Shop the Look, for more chinoiserie decorating ideas.

But I didn’t stop at home decor with these. I also used them to dress up a tea table I created for a hashtag tour. They really added to the overall look!

Below are the links to the beautiful peonies flowers along with other items you see photographed:

If you are looking to bring some grandeur into your home or need something fancy to use for an event these pretty peonies are worth looking into.

Happy Shopping!

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