Hello, I’m Monica Nyenhuis! Don’t be afraid of the scary Dutch last name. Nyen sounds like the number nine and Huis means house in Dutch. Hence the name 9 House! I am a mother of two boys, military wife, interior decorator, foodie, blogger and founder of 9houseblog.com. I love decorating, making things beautiful and all things fancy! I’m an estate sale, antique shop and flea market junkie, always looking for that hidden gem! Do you want people to say “wow!” when they enter your home? Of course, you do! My mission with 9houseblog.com is to show you how to get that look for less, the wow factor and uniqueness in your home! And show you how to take decorating and entertaining for the seasons, holidays, and other celebrations to the next level. Charcuterie boards, fancy tea parties, sweet tables Marie Antoinette would envy, stunning tree trimmings, Pinterest worthy creations, etc.! Let’s do it! As a working mother of two boys and a military wife I understand things can be quite overwhelming and stressful. My mission for this blog is to empower, support and help make things easier for those who love entertaining and have the desire to add elegance to their home!