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How to Make Beautiful Fruit Kabobs

Fruit salads and fruit platters are typically seen at barbeques, potlucks, family parties, etc. Everyone loves fresh fruit, especially in the warm summer months. This is also a pretty easy dish to bring to an event. Not too complicated. Signing up to bring the fruit platter is a cinch.

Next time you volunteer to bring the fruit platter why not show up with something AMAZING! Surprise everyone with some beautiful fruit kabobs! The kids will go nuts for them and totally bypass all the sweets on the table. All the parents will thank you!

Does this sound like a far-off dream? Nah, you can make the ordinary into extraordinary pretty easily and quickly. All it takes is some additional supplies to make fruit into a beautiful work of art. I created these stunning fruit kabobs shown below and it was quite easy. If I can do this, so can you!

Below is a Helpful Supply List to Assist You:

Below are the steps I took to create my fruit kabobs:

*First: Wash the grapes and blueberries.

*Second: Cut melons in a manner where you can use the fruit cutter easily. Think length and width. Ensure thickness is appropriate to put on a skewer. For the cantaloupe and honeydew, it can be more difficult to do because there is a seed filled center. Just do your best to cut pieces that will work with the fruit cutters. Visual provided below:

*Third: Once you have all your fruit (melons) cut, it is time to use the adorable fruit cutters. This is the fun part! I used the fruit cutters to make various shapes and in different sizes. If you use the cutters I recommended, I used the small and medium sizes only. The largest cutters would most likely not work with a skewer.

In a glass dish I placed all the beautiful shapes. I cut as many as I could before I started placing the fruit on the skewers. I found it was easier to prepare skewers when fruit was already cut versus the cutting as you go method. See below:

*Fourth: It’s magic time! Place the fruit on the skewers lengthwise as shown below. You may create a uniformed pattern or place the fruit on the skewers without rhyme or reason. I went wild with it and placed the fruit in no particular order. You are the designer here; you construct as you see fit. Have fun with this step!

*Fifth: Place skewers on a platter or large dish. Take these beauties to the potluck, barbeque or other event. Your family and friends will be amazed. Get ready to hear the oohs and aahs. Take pictures before the feast begins. Then sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

*Helpful Notes:

  • My assembly time was just under two hours (included washing and cutting fruit). I did this solo, but if you recruited some helpers it would probably take half the time.
  • I created 30 kabobs
  • I did not use all the supplies listed above after I made the 30 kabobs. You can definitely make more than 30 with the supply list. The scraps and extra fruit were put in a container for the family to enjoy.
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Enjoy! Happy Summer!

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