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How to Plan the Best Yu-Gi-Oh Birthday Party

When my son was turning eight, he was into Yu-Gi-Oh big time! If you are not familiar with Yu-Gi-Oh, it is a Japanese anime series and trading card game. The series involves various monsters who battle each other in exciting duels. It is very popular among kids six years and older. It is also one of the top selling trading card games worldwide. No wonder he was crazy about it! As a mother, we generally take an interest in what our kids are into. That means I got into Yu-Gi-Oh too! My son and I would watch Yu-Gi-Oh on TV, research the characters, visit card shops, trade and collect cards, and act out duels.

When I asked him what type of party he wanted for his 8th birthday, it was no surprise that a Yu-Gi-Oh themed party was what he had in mind.

I truly enjoyed planning this birthday party because I knew how much he loved Yu-Gi-Oh. He also had a strong interest in the Japanese culture. I was also always very fascinated in the country of Japan. Because of that, doing the research and planning the party was a blast!

The party was a total success! My son and all his Yu-Gi-Oh loving friends enjoyed every moment!

If you are interested in throwing a Yu-Gi-Oh, anime or manga themed birthday party below are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

*Color Scheme: Anime originated in Japan and is characterized by bold multicolored graphics featuring vibrant characters. If you ever watched anime or read the books you will notice that the illustrations are very colorful. There is absolutely no fear of color here. The colors are bright and electrifying, meant to create a sense of energy and adventure. Therefore, with this type of party theme anything goes. I watched a lot of Yu-Gi-Oh cartoons with my son, so that was helpful in nailing down a color scheme for his party. I chose the primary colors and added black for contrast. I wanted the colors to be striking.

Red was a must for the color scheme because red symbolizes power in Japan. I also incorporated gold with the red, which is a common color combination in Asia. Below is a picture of the cake table with all the vibrant colors used:

With anime and its use of color, the possibilities are endless here. The bold primary colors were truly representative of the Yu-Gi-Oh anime series. I’ve also seen more whimsical or girly anime themes with the manga series. A more feminine palette with pastel colors would be appropriate for this. To determine the best color scheme, I recommend watching your favorite anime series on TV, looking through an anime book, or scrolling through anime or manga images using Google. Take note of the colors used and the theme you want to convey. Have fun with it, you are the animator here.

*Tablescape: The area in which your guests dine is also part of the overall experience, which means it is important that you tie it in with the party theme. Keeping with the Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh theme, I chose a dramatic look by using a black tablecloth with contrasting reds and golds. Black and gold plates placed on gold chargers, gold silverware and gold glitter cups. I added a dramatic pop of color with the bright red Asian napkins. Because this was a kids party, I used plastic plates, cups and utensils. No breakables and easy clean up!

Below is a list items I used for my tablescape (includes links):

For the centerpiece I used a large wooden dragon, which is considered to be a prominent symbol in Japan. It was quite fitting with the Japanese theme, especially because I surrounded the dragon with red paper lanterns. The red lanterns also provided another punch of red on the table. It turned out amazing!!

Decorate with items you already have in your home!

I did not go out and buy the dragon for the party. This is an item we picked up at a garage sale years ago and had displayed in a bookcase. To save on costs and add uniqueness to your party decor, I recommend using items you already have in your home. In my Winter ONEderland post, I recommended using stuffed animals as decorations, Ideas for the Best Winter ONEderland Party Take a tour through your home and look through your kid’s toybox, storage room, attic or basement. You may luck out and find something awesome to use!

*Party Snacks: What is a party without snacks? Not a party! Ha Ha. To fit in with the overall anime party motif, I wanted to serve snacks unique to Japan. With this idea I went on Amazon, and found Japanese Samurai snacks. It was a great assortment of goodies and a total win with the kids! They loved trying all the different snacks and because we didn’t know how to read the Japanese kanjis, we had to guess what the flavors were! The kids had a blast sampling the different treats and guessing each flavor. I put the goodies in takeout boxes, added fortune cookies and offered chopsticks as utensils. This was definitely the highlight of the party! Testing out treats, using chopsticks and reading their fortunes!

*Cake and Cake Table: If you’ve read my other birthday party posts, then you know I love going all out on the cake table. This is because the cake is considered the high point of the party! The cake table gives you the opportunity to show off the cake. Because this was a Yu-Gi-Oh birthday, we had the bakery make a cake with the character Yami on it. There are numerous possibilities here for the cake. Any anime character will do! You could have anime figures or cake toppers placed on the cake or have the cake look like an anime comic. You are the illustrator here, go where your mind takes you.

Like I mentioned above, I used bold energetic colors to fully capture the anime excitement and adventure. The red, yellow, blue and black balloons created a kaleidoscope of color and fun above the cake. I added a number eight balloon to announce his transition from a seven-year-old to an eight-year-old!

I styled the buffet table further to include other Asian elements, which included the takeout boxes loaded with samurai snacks, chopsticks, fortune cookies, red paper lanterns, a new year’s banner and red napkins with characters. The whole scene appeared to be something out of the orient.

Decorate with home accessories and birthday gifts to save money!

I also added a pixiu dragon, a decorative accessory we already had in our home. Like the centerpiece dragon, I did not buy this specifically for the party. It was something I picked up several years ago. It turned out to be a win for this display because of its mythical characteristics. Using items, you already have in your home not only saves you money, but it also makes the decor more interesting and remarkable.

Another tip, if you do not already have accessories that fit with the theme, is to decorate with your child’s gifts. For example, the Yu-Gi-Oh Winged Dragon of Ra figurine standing on the tin of ancient battles were Birthday presents for my son. I gave him the presents in advance, and when the day of the party came, I used the items as decorations. I find that birthday presents usually coincide with birthday party themes, so this is a good tip to use if you want to save on party decor. Kids also love to see their toys displayed!

There you go! “Now it’s time to duel!” I provided you with some ideas for an awesome Yu-Gi-Oh or anime themed birthday party! This is a theme you can really enjoy planning for, especially since anime is so fun and spirited. The colors, characters and plots are very inspiring. There is such a unique style to anime, so trust me when I say this theme will be anything, but ordinary. Take a lot of pictures and make long lasting memories. “The fun has just begun!”


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  1. A Yu-Gi-Oh-themed party looks fun! We have three family birthdays coming in the next 2 months, and I enjoy being a special decorator now.

    1. Awesome! Have fun planning and decorating!

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