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When people come over to my home, they frequently ask about the soap I keep in my bathrooms. They always comment on how wonderful it smells and how it makes their hands feel. In addition, they mention how much they love the look of the soap dispenser. It looks very fancy and high end.

If you read my post about How to Make Your Home Look Expensive – 8 Tips to Achieve the Look for Less, I recommend using Michel Design Works Honey Almond soap in your home because it smells AMAZING and looks over the top boujee.

If you want to up the elegance factor in your home this soap may be right up your alley. It’ll make your bathrooms and kitchen look more luxurious.

Every time you wash your hands you will be in heaven and house guests will think they entered a fancy spa. It is a win win scenario!

Click the link to purchase this opulent hand soap:

I understand this soap may be a little pricy compared to other hand soaps you may find at the local store, but it is truly unique. It smells very good, and the dispenser is very beautiful. If you want to achieve an expensive look in your home, this will do the trick.

I highly encourage the look for less, so if you are on a budget, my tip is to invest in this soap, but once the soap is gone, fill the dispenser with a more affordable option. Because the dispenser looks very luxurious, it’ll still give off the elegant vibe in your home.

If you really want to raise the bar when it comes to making your bathroom look expensive, try displaying your soap dispenser on an ornate trinket dish, like the one shown below. Link to Trinket Dish – Check out my other post – Vintage Trinket Dish – Shop the Look

The lemon basil scent is another great option for the kitchen. This is because the dispenser is quite lovely, and the fresh citrus aroma is fantastic. Link –

If you are looking to achieve the fancy-schmancy look, this soap really checks the box. It would also be a wonderful gift idea for someone who loves nice smelling soaps and likes to dress things up in their home. Mother’s Day! Hint! Hint!

Happy Shopping!

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