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Bridgerton Inspired Tea Settings

The first time I watched Bridgerton upon its release in 2020 I was hooked. The show takes place in the 1800s during the Regency Era in London and features extravagant backdrops to really reel viewers in. Historians agree this show is not completely accurate but represents an alternate fantasy version of history. History aside, I was very enamored with this series. Not sure if it was because of all the beautiful gowns, the romance, the lavish balls, the exquisite homes, the opulence, the afternoon tea parties, etc.

Okay, I admit it, it was all of the above. But this series literally had me at fancy tea party. I adored all the beautiful tea settings and thought it would be so fun to create my own. With the show’s inspiration I put together some stunning tea settings, which I feel Queen Charlotte would swoon over.

All the settings turned out so charming and were super fun to create. If you are looking to create Bridgerton tea settings to entertain guests, for personal enjoyment, or for photography reasons below are some steps for success:

*Location: Choose a place to set up your tea setting. This can be indoors or outdoors. Think light and airy to truly emulate the settings you see in the show. Also, think opulence. The settings in the show are typically shown using vintage furniture, under a chandelier, near a large oil painting or mirror, against a beautiful wall or near flowers and greenery. If you do not live in an opulent mansion, don’t worry. Most of us do not either, ha ha. Just ensure your setting is in an aesthetically pleasing area. Against a nicely painted wall, in front of a large window, in the backyard next to a pretty bush, etc.

*Color Scheme: Pay attention to the colors you see in the series. You’ll notice lots of soft colors like pastels are frequently used. Colors like blush pinks, lavenders, champagnes, soft teals, mint greens and powder blues. In order to really mimic the Regency Era using these lighter tones are essential. You are the designer here. Use rooms, places, or dress colors in the show for inspiration to design your color palette. For example, for my tea settings, I used the dress colors as a reference for my overall color scheme.

*Table Settings: While watching Bridgerton pay close attention to the items you see on the tea tables. Take notes on what items you see. You will see items like silver platters and other silver pieces, ornate cutlery, gold plated items, crystal glassware, teacups, tea kettles, fine linens, silks, ribbons and of course lots of flowers. Look for supplies to use. You may already have a lot of these items, so this could involve a quick trip into your attic, in the basement or rummaging through your kitchen cabinets.

If you do not have pieces like these in your home, you could ask a family member or friend if they have items, they wish to get rid of. Or check out garage sales, flea markets, thrift shops or estate sales. I always see things like this when I am out treasure hunting. Check out my post, How to Create a Vintage Style Sweet Table , for more tips.

*Florals: Flowers are a must to create a stunning tea setting. This is because they add both romance and elegance to the scene. Think soft and feminine type blooms, like hydrangeas, roses, peonies, lilies, etc. Arranging flowers in various vases and other vessels is key. Spreading flowers around and even using flower petals to dress up the setting will really make the area look like very Bridgertonlike. Fresh flowers are ideal, but fake flowers work wonderfully too. To keep things more affordable, I typically mix fake and real flowers to make things look fuller.

*Tea and Sweets: The flowers are the icing on the cake with settings like these, but one must not forget the tea and sweets. Various teas can be used and complemented with little candies, cakes, cookies, crumpets, patisseries, fruit, nuts, tea sandwiches, etc. The world is your oyster here. There is no wrong way to do this.

Think dainty, fancy and feminine. Treats can be homemade, from the cookie jar, taken from the pantry or something you pick up from the local bakery. The key is to ensure the goodies synchronize with the color scheme and look like something that would be served during the Regency Era in Britain. Have fun with this step!

As a reference guide, I created some stunning Bridgerton tea settings shown below to assist you with putting together your own extravagant settings. I used characters and their typical gown colors for my inspiration. You are the artist here, do what speaks to you:

*Daphne Bridgerton: She is the bell of the ball. The “diamond” in season one, typically shown wearing beautiful shades of blue. On rare occasions, she is featured in creams, and pale pinks and purples. She is always gracing us with her presence in soft color palletes. But blue is her color for sure! Seeing her all decked out in an elegant pale blue frock, sipping tea in the Bridgerton family drawing room is like being in blue heaven! Settling on a color scheme for Miss Daphne Bridgerton was a cinch! Below you will see silver vessels, creams, pale pinks and the famous pale blues!

*Penelope Featherington: The brainy wallflower! In seasons one and two she is typically shown in citrus tones, like yellows, oranges, corals, apricot and grapefruit shades. She wears various citrus colors, but her classic garb is a flattering yellow. Yellow, very characteristic of the Featherington family because this color represents envy. The Featherington family is always striving to keep their status in society. Penelope has other plans, but always ravishes us with her cute sunny frocks, curls and clever writing skills. Below you will see the use of golds and citrus colors, accompanied with blood orange tea.

*Eloise Bridgerton: She is strong-willed, witty, independent, and has some very strong opinions. She is not yet married and not very interested in finding a husband like all the other ladies in society. She would much rather do her own thing and be among intellectuals. Although she is quite confident in herself, she is very timid and almost childlike. She dazzles us in an array of stylish pastel-colored dresses. She does not stick to standard colors like her sister Daphne or best friend Penelope. She marches to the beat of her own drum when it comes to colors.

For my Eloise inspired tea setting, I chose pinks and creams. I felt these colors were representative of her character. Pink because she is a feminist, but at the same time a little immature within society. Below you will see pale pinks, creams, soft peach and girly ribbons to fully capture Miss Eloise. All complemented with caramel vanilla tea and some sweets.

*Queen Charlotte: The strong matriarch of the show is Queen Charlotte. She is powerful, independent, and interested in all things beautiful. Most of all she is intrigued by gossip. Her sole mission is to figure out who Lady Whistledown really is. Under her wigs and behind her cold stares, she has a very soft and sensitive side. Deep down there is love and compassion. Although dominant and influential, Queen Charlotte is usually sporting pastels and soft purples. One would expect deeper and more masculine tones for such a character. Below you will see Queen Charlotte’s setting adorned with soft purple shades, limonium flowers, blueberry scones and queen’s cake fruit tea.

*Anthony and Kate: Season two is all about the romantic chemistry between Anthony and Kate. Although Anthony is engaged to Edwina, he is smitten with her sister Kate. Kate is confident, assertive and witty, often seen in stunning shades of purple. Her gowns range from pale lavenders to deep plum shades. The season shows how their relationship develops over time and ends in the happiest happily ever after ever. Below you will see soft purples to represent the beautiful Kate. Their sweet and savory love is symbolized with cherries, grapes, cheese and nuts. All enjoyed with spiced chai black tea.

Below are links to some of the items you see in the photos above:

A cup of tea makes everything better! Create beauty and make memories!

This post is dedicated to the Crumpet Ladies 🙂

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