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Ideas for the Best Two-The-Moon Birthday Party

For my youngest son’s second birthday I wanted to do something truly special and unique. As he was entering toddlerhood his little personality was really starting to show. Very different than my first child, he was more physical, daring and adventurous. He seemed to have no fear and the sky was not his limit! Super appropriate for my little daredevil, I decided a Two-The-Moon Birthday Party was in order. It was out of this world amazing! Mission accomplished! Victory!

If you are looking to throw a Two-The-Moon party for your adventurous two-year old or a space/galaxy themed party below are some ideas to get you started:

*Theme and Color Scheme: Settle on an overall theme for the event. Think space, galaxy, stars, planets, the moon, rockets, aliens, Star Wars, and even Star Trek. There are so many space related themes out there! There is so much you can do with this! Colors are usually black or deep blues and purples with pops of silver, gold and white to represent the star filled galaxy. For my son’s Two-The-Moon party, I chose black, gold, silver and white as the overall color scheme. I added some small pops of yellows and blues for a touch of color. Below is a picture to show my overall color scheme. I lucked out with already having black walls! Ha ha! Check out my post about black walls if this piques your interest: Why You Should Paint Your Walls Black

*Treats to Serve: To add some sweetness to the party, we served our guests space themed cookies and had a galaxy inspired hot cocoa bar! The cookies were made by a local bakery and turned out super cute. The hot cocoa bar, our annual tradition, was a total hit! Check out my post about creating a hot cocoa bar, How to Create an Epic Hot Cocoa Bar, to see the details!

There are numerous things you can serve to tie in with the space theme. Rock candy, galaxy popcorn, star-shaped sandwiches, star-shaped fruits and vegetables, planet cake pops, galaxy desserts, a star and moon charcuterie board, etc. The possibilities are beyond sky high here. I recommend creating a board on Pinterest or looking at Google images to gather ideas and inspiration.

Space Cookies and a Cosmic Cocoa Bar

*Tablescape: Think about where your guests will eat at the party. The table or area for eating is also part of the overall theme. Just like you see at weddings, the tables are decked out with centerpieces and other decorative elements to synchronize with the wedding colors and general theme. Same concept here, even if the event is in your home. Think of the table or eating area as a canvas. Aim for the stars here, you are the designer!

For my son’s Two-The-Moon party, I used a black tablecloth with star and moon confetti to mimic a galaxy. For a centerpiece, I placed a rocket ship in the middle, which appeared to be blasting off. It turned out really cool! It was super simple but made a big impact.

For the place settings, I used black and gold plates. All placed on silver chargers and topped with gold star plates. White napkins, gold disposable silverware and gold rimmed drinking glasses. For the kids, I used plastic gold glitter cups. It all turned out truly cosmic!

*Cake and Cake Table: The cake table is my favorite thing to set up for my kids’ birthday parties. This is because the cake is generally the highlight or the grand finale of a birthday party. Setting the table up gives you the opportunity to show off the cake! Perfect for the Two-The-Moon Party, I had the bakery make a moon cake with realistic looking craters. I added an astronaut cake topper to simulate a space mission. An inflatable earth was placed near the moon cake. Complements of Party City, I added balloons in silver, gold and light blue. Some of the balloons were shaped like stars, mimicking the Milkyway. A large inflatable astronaut and moon were placed on the other side to complete the look. The little space exploration scene turned out to be quite remarkable!

Supplementary to this cosmic scene, I included a number two balloon and a Two-The-Moon banner to tie everything together.

Like I mentioned above regarding the theme and color scheme, the things you can do with this are boundless. I chose a moon cake and astronaut to mockup a space mission, but there are numerous options for the cake. A rocket ship, a droid, a meteor, a solar system scene, a star, an alien, a galaxy, ET, etc. I recommend looking at images on Pinterest or your local bakery’s cake portfolio to settle on your plan of attack. I made my table into a comprehensive scene with the cake and space decor. What you do is entirely up to you, go to infinity and beyond with your ideas! You are the Jedi here. Achieve Victory!

There you have it, some interstellar ideas for your Two-The-Moon or Space themed party. Have a blast planning, but most importantly enjoy the day with family and friends. Take pictures and make memories!


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  1. Courtney says:

    What a great birthday theme! I have never thought of that theme. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks for checking it out 🙂

  2. ! I can so relate to my second one being adventurous and daring too! What a great idea for a birthday theme! Everything came together in a fun way.

    1. The second child seems to always be the rebel. LOL Thanks for taking the time to read the post 🙂

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