Decorative Vignettes _ How to Create

French Inspiration

For a French inspiration hashtag tour, I put together this Parisian vignette. It turned out magnifique! I used my vintage silverplated champagne bucket purchased at an estate sale to display some flowers. The flowers were from the local grocery store. The main function of a champagne bucket is to store champagne, wine and other beverages, but it works great as a vase! Anything looks stunning in it!

I added some French inspired books from my personal library – “The Great Houses of Paris”, a Monet artbook, and “The Little Book of Louis Vuitton”. I bought “The Great Houses of Paris” and the Monet art books at estate sales. “The Little Book of Louis Vuitton” was an Amazon purchase on black Friday.

To pair nicely with the “The Little Book of Louis Vuitton”, I added my gently used Louis Vuitton Trouville handbag, I bought off Ebay several years ago. I styled the handbag with a scarf featuring the traditional black and white striped pattern the French people wear. Ooh la la!

The Parisian scene could not be complete without the famous French macarons! I placed them on a vintage silver candy dish I picked up at an estate sale. The whole scene ended up looking so chic! It was super fun to put together.

It looks super high end, but everything shown here is vintage/second hand with the exception of the scarf, the LV book, the flowers and the macarons (of course LOL).

Macarons –

If you are looking to create a vignette like this, be on the lookout for these types of items at estate sales, secondhand shops, garage sales, flea markets and Ebay.

Avec amour!

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