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How to Create Displays with Silver – Spring Elegance Edition

For a hashtag tour I created this elegant spring masterpiece. It looks over the top luxurious, like it could be something taken right out of the Ritz-Carlton or maybe from the show Bridgerton. But it wasn’t, I created it myself with items I already had in my home. The only items I bought were fruit and flowers! The flowers would stay gorgeous for days, my kids would devour all the fruit instantly and my silver items would stay lovely forever. It was a win-win-win!

You too can have this look! If you are interested in creating showpieces like these for family gatherings, special events, hashtag tours, photography sessions, or personal interest, etc. Below are some steps to success:

*Collect: I have been collecting sterling silver and silverplated pieces for about 15 years, so I have a large collection. But you do not need a huge collection of items to pursue something like this. Start small, take baby steps. Begin with a staple item, a silver tea set. A tea set usually comes with a platter, a couple tea pots, creamers, sugar pitcher and other tea related vessels.

If you have one set, then you suddenly have various pieces to use. The teapots can also serve as vases for flowers. Same with creamers. The little vessels can be used for candy, cookies, fruit, etc. The platter can be used on its own to serve anything you please. It can also be used as something you display in your home. Once, you have this staple item there are numerous possibilities for decorating and entertaining.

Although a tea set like this can look over the top bougie, investing in one can really save you money in the end because it can be used in multiple ways. They are the best of both worlds because they can be used for both serving and embellishing your home decor.

Silver pieces like this are timeless, therefore they never become outdated. You will also find that they can synchronize with a lot of different decorating styles. Tea sets like this can be found at estate sales, Facebook Marketplace, Ebay, Etsy, thrift shops, and flea markets. I see them everywhere. Below are links to some fantastic finds I spotted on Ebay:

*Continue to Collect: Once you have your staple item, then start collecting other silver pieces. Items like trinket dishes, candy holders, bowls, vessels, compotes, utensils, champagne buckets, figurines, etc. can all be found in the same places the silver tea sets can be found.

Check out my post, Five Tips For Shopping a Flea Market for tips on determining whether or not a piece is real sterling silver versus silverplate.

You’ll notice that if you have a love for something and start a collection, family members and friends pick up on that. The silver bunny shown above was a gift from my mother. She knows I love silver, so she supported my passion with this incredible gift, along with many other beautiful silver pieces over the years. The little compote dish with the blackberries in it was also a gift. My mother-in-law gave my husband and I a little set of compote pedestal dishes. You’ll see I used one piece for this display.

Soon you will see your collection start to grow. Once you have an assortment of items, you’ll be able mix and match them however you see fit.

*Shop For Supplies: Once you have a few silver pieces to work with it is time to shop for various food items and garnishes. For this display I used fruit and flowers because I was going for a springtime look. My kids and husband love fruit, so the shopping was easy. I purchased fruit I knew would be eaten. I strongly encourage the look for less, so I always recommend buying items you know will be used/eaten or using existing items in your home.

*Style Your Silver: Before you get too excited be sure to clean and polish your silver before putting your display together. I recommend the following products to make your silver shine like the top of the Chrysler Building:

Once your silver is ready it is time to create a masterpiece! For this spring showpiece specifically, I used strawberries, grapes, plums, raspberries, blackberries, fresh flowers and faux greenery. My original plan was to use real hardboiled eggs, but I did not have any on hand, so I used papier mâché eggs instead. I simply filled my vessels with fruit, placed the papier mâché eggs in porcelain egg holders, and used the teapot as a vase for the flowers. Then, for the cherry on top, I enhanced the whole look with loose flowers and greenery.

You are the designer here. There are countless items you can display using silver pieces. It all depends on the occasion or the reason behind why you are creating the display. You could display flowers, create a charcuterie board, make a dessert platter or candy buffet. You could even use silver to display dishes and cutlery. With these heirloom pieces anything is possible.

With silver pieces like these, you make anything can look luxurious. Oreo cookies! Cheez-It crackers! Even Hot Pockets! I think you catch my drift here. The silver is really what makes it, not the food items themselves. The flowers and greenery are like icing on the cake and work to enhance the look you have going on already.

Now that you have the knowledge, go forth and start your treasure hunt for gold… oh I mean silver! Ha ha. You will not regret investing in these beautiful pieces! This is because they make everything look stunning, whether they are used for entertaining or decorating your home. They are also awesome items to keep in the family and pass down from generation to generation.

Happy treasure hunting! Create beauty! Make memories!

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