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How to Create a Champagne Bucket Christmas Tree

Do you have a mini-Christmas tree or tabletop tree somewhere in your home and you just don’t know what do with it every year? Or perhaps you want to display a smaller scale tree somewhere in your home to keep things festive.

Do you also have a champagne bucket or decorative urn in your home, which only make an appearance when you entertain?

A few years ago, I purchased a silver-plated champagne bucket at an estate sale. Although its main purpose is to chill champagne/sparkling wine or be used as an ice bucket, it really can be utilized in various ways. For a Bridal shower, I used it as a vase and put some hydrangea flowers in it. It looked very lovely as a centerpiece on the table.

Champagne buckets can display flowers and other plants all year around, store kitchen utensils, and even hold bathroom items. They are used in various ways and can really make things look high-end and luxurious.

Tabletop Christmas decor can really dress things up in your home. A champagne bucket Christmas tree can be used as a centerpiece, displayed in your kitchen, placed on a Christmas buffet when entertaining, put on a shelf, etc. The possibilities are endless!

What You Need:

*Champagne Bucket or Decorative Urn: You may already have one or a relative may have one they never use. Search your grandma’s or great aunt’s attic or basement! These items were common wedding gifts back in the day, so you may be in luck. Or you can purchase one at a Goodwill, Etsy, a garage sale, flea market, church rummage sale or estate sale. It may be a good investment since they can be used in multiple ways throughout the year. You’ll never regret buying one.

*Tabletop Christmas Tree: You may already have one and have the itch to display it in an over-the-top way. If you don’t you can shop online, check out home decor shops, secondhand stores, garage sales, Etsy, etc. Tabletop Christmas trees are pretty common and can be found in various places at a low price. I’ve even seen them at the Dollar Tree! Hobby Lobby is notorious for its Christmas items too. Be sure to shop when things are half off!! 🙂 You do not have to spend big money to pull this part off.

*Items to keep the tree secure: Depending on the size of the tree you may need to add fabric, paper, Styrofoam, floral foam, etc. to keep it secure in the bucket. Whatever you end up using, be sure to place under the tree and on the sides to ensure things are tight and there isn’t a gap. This will make certain the tree stays firmly in place and does not wobble.

The tree I use is already potted and fits in my champagne bucket nicely. I kind of lucked out there, but I understand this is not always the case. The pot shows when my tree is in the bucket and I do not want that to be seen, so I used store bought moss to conceal the pot, making it appear as though my tree is actually planted in the bucket.

*Decorative Items: Small ornaments, lights, a star, ribbon, decorative sticks or branches, flowers, etc. The sky is the limit here. Decorate the little tree how you wish.

For my tree, I took the less is more approach and added a red velvet bow at the top and had it cascade down the tree. It looks very elegant. I have it displayed in my kitchen during the holidays, but it can be moved wherever I see fit to add some pizazz to an area when needed.

Happy Decorating!

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